Health and Safety

Goals and Objectives

Ahliah School’s major goal is to maintain students’ health safety and well-being. Ahliah School aims to:

  • Provide preventive care and adoption of healthy behavior and choices in the school community
  • Identify and respond to detected communicable diseases by undertaking the appropriate measures to limit their spread through the school community
  • Provide treatment and follow up to chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, food allergies, heart diseases, physical disabilities
  • Provide awareness of hygiene (oral, skin, hands, body, and hair), of mental well-being, and of healthy lifestyles for students and staff
  • Provide first line management for injuries, trauma
  • Detect signs of psychosocial problems for early referral to the school counselor by encouraging students to express their discontent and discomfort
  • Provide secure and safe environment free from violence and abusive acts.
  • Detect signs of violence and child abuse

Health Care staff

The school health center provides the following services to the students:

  • Administering medications for students
  • Management of chronic illnesses during school day
  • Diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries
  • Referral of major accidents to the nearest hospital
  • Detection of Infections and communicable diseases
  • Providing first aid during incidents
  • Detection of eating disorders
  • Follow-up on chronic cases
  • Individual intervention and emotional support upon need