Community Service

Students of grades 10 – 12 are required to do 25 hours or more of community service per year. The school offers in school activities or projects and out of school activities in the afternoons or on weekends. These activities are selected according to the current need and abilities of our students and the NGOs around us. Ahliah School believes in humanitarian causes no matter who they target and therefore helps whoever is in need without questioning the background of the beneficiaries. Students are also encouraged to seek places for community service around them and to come up with their own ideas and causes.

  Ahliah School Community Service Mission Statement

To meet our mission to “prime graduates to take responsibility for their future and be active citizens engaged in local, regional, and global issues”, Ahliah School engages in a required Service Learning program that empowers our students to experience the benefits of giving to the community while building empathy, independence, resilience, humility, as well as understanding that every individual may make a difference in the lives of others. 


Our goals from the Service Learning program are:                                                            

-              To discover the community

-              To build a strong sense of community

-              To provide opportunities to serve our community

-              To develop student independence, leadership, and confidence

-              To discover personal interests and widen personal horizons

-              To develop strong character as individuals

-              To educate the school community about the purpose and goals of community service