Upper School Guiding Principles

The Guiding Principles of the Upper School Division are;


  • Provide a rich, challenging and level appropriate curriculum based on national and international standards
  • Set clear academic standards that comply with the school’s mission and encompass all the requirements for external standardized tests like the Official Exams, SATs, TOEFL and university admissions, and evaluating students’ performance accordingly.
  • Use strategies and approaches that engage students in the learning process, cater for the different learning styles and abilities and create a permanent enthusiasm for learning and enable higher order thinking.
  • Provide for the academic, social, physical and emotional needs of students
  • Engage students in a variety of activities and events that cater for their varied interests and promote cultural, environmental and community awareness and internationalism
  • Teach and enhance skills and abilities that prepare students for lifelong learning
  • Promote collaboration among students from different grade levels and backgrounds
  • Promote awareness toward local and international issues and happenings
  • Promote a sense of Global Citizenship
  • Encourage students’ involvement in decision making and establishing a student council
  • Develop skills and abilities that make students lifelong learners who could cope with the demands of higher education and excel in university and beyond.
  • Prepare students to achieve good results in the Lebanese Baccalaureate and external examinations
  • Provide proper university and career orientation for students
  • provide opportunities for community service