Curriculum and Programs

Ahliah’s Preschool curriculum consists of 3 academic years KG1, KG2, and KG3. The curriculum is aligned with the national and international McRel standards and in compliance with Ahliah’s guiding statements. The preschool curriculum aims at developing language and mathematics literacy, reasoning, social, as well as psychomotor skills to prepare students for the early lower school education. The curriculum includes language arts; English, Arabic and French, Mathematics, science, social studies, visual arts, music, and physical education. English is the main language of instruction. Classical Arabic is used in Arabic classes.  The scope and sequence is designed in all subject areas, incorporating a thematic multidisciplinary approach. Technology is integrated within the curriculum based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Standards.

Students learn through developmentally appropriate learning techniques such as read aloud, discussions, songs, games, projects, simulations, and other active learning opportunities. Students learn through play; both free play and teachers’ structured play experiences which allow them to explore and manipulate material that enhance their imagination and creativity. In addition, role playing, taking turns, story-telling, setting and following rules of games are used strategies that enhance students’ communication skills. Also, teachers create a print-rich environment in the classroom to nurture the joy of reading and learning.