Strategic Plan
  Strategic Plan

Ahliah at the Heart of Beirut

Form a glorious past to renewed momentum towards a brighter future

The Ahliah School renovation and new construction project aims at strengthening an educational institution that represented, for more than ninety years, the best in contemporary civic education. Lebanese without fanaticism or seclusion, Arab with transparency and spontaneity, humanist teaching the principles of individual freedom and dignity, while being a leader in artistic activities and a promoter of family values in a context of genuine love and mutual respect. Among the Lebanese private schools, Ahliah distinguished itself by being independent; not affiliated to any religious community, nationality, or creed, and by embodying a pioneering trend in Lebanese national education.


  • Education: Provide high quality education that incorporates appropriate academic programs and teaching approaches that encompass the use of technology, analytical thinking, collaboration, appreciation of arts, practical experiences and applications.
  • Enrollment: Achieve a healthy and sustainable school that optimizes student enrollment to the current facilities and resources: Ahliah is targeting a school of 660 students.
  •  Physical Facilities:  Provide a state of the art facility that meets the needs of the future by launching the Ahliah Renovation and New Construction project.
  • Reach out to the community: Reach out to the neighboring community by providing theater, music, arts and conferencing facilities.

Strategic Planning

  • The school constituencies are currently involved in Strategic Planning to define and develop areas of excellence and uniqueness that attract students in line with Ahliah’s mission
  • The process started by looking at the School’s resources to define capacities and needs
  • An Ahliah Renovation and New Construction (ARNC) project is launched

Ahliah’s Educational Goals include:

  • Designing a curriculum that fosters continuous acquisition of knowledge and critical thinking and prepares the students to get into Lebanese, regional and international universities.
  •  Diversifying the learning approaches and techniques, through curricular and extra-curricular programs, to nurture self-confidence, respect, collaboration, and appreciation of arts.
  • Getting accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association for Schools and Colleges (NEASC) jointly.


Ahliah’s Management Improvement plans aim at:

  • Employing and retaining qualified teachers who are knowledgeable and able to employ appropriate learning tools and follow suitable methods that render the learning process accessible to students.
  • Ensuring an equal opportunity recruitment policy that builds a diverse teachers and support staff body.
  • Working on ongoing professional development strategies and plans to improve teaching and learning.
  • Reviewing periodically school policies and procedures to ensure effectiveness and alignment with school mission.

The Construction Project aims at

  • Increasing the current student capacity from 440 to 660 students
  • Redesigning the educational spaces to meet International standards and provide essential cultural activities and services.
  • Upgrading the facades to highlight the architectural character of the building
  • Creating a facility that enhances flow and adjacencies
  • Prioritizing ground floor location for preschool.
  • Introducing technology, new finishes, and colorful environments.
  • Enlarging the classroom sizes to meet standards of top tier city schools
  • Integrating new ideas for both, architectural concepts and educational programs