Ahliah School Thanks the Three Donors
Wed, 18 Jan 2012
On Friday January 13, 2012 at 3:30 p.m, Ahliah School had on its premises a reception that gathered the representatives of the three foundations which granted scholarships for Ahliah students; INMA, Ghassan Jdeed, and Badr El Hajj, members of Ahliah Board of Trustees, School administrators and some of the faculty, and 40 students.

On behalf of Board, School members, and students, Mrs. Ayache welcomed the attendee and thanked Mr. Jawad Adra from INMA, Dr. Fida Jdeed and Mr. Badr El Hajj from Ghassan Jdeed and Badr El Hajj foundations for their generous contribution, which is $420,000 distributed over 10 years granted to support the Ahliah financial aid fund. This year (2011-2012), the granted amount was $60,000 which gave the opportunity for the 40 attending students to be financially supported. Mrs. Ayache emphasized the fact that Ahliah and the three foundations have several goals in common. The donors aim at contributing to social development in different aspects of life and specifically at supporting students to get a good education in a non-sectarian hospitable environment. Ahliah School provides this non-discriminating environment and has a mission of creating a respectful diversified community. The school believes in the right of each individual to dignity, happiness and productivity irrespective of his/her background and how great or modest the talents they are endowed with. The foundations believe in the school financial aid policies in achieving their goals and trusted the school educational programs. Mrs. Ayache also talked about Ahliah’s strategic plan for renovation and development for the seven-year project, and the school’s work on getting the international accreditations. After her short welcoming and thankful speech, Mrs. Ayache presented the three foundations paintings done by students as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation. Then, all the attendee had the chance to converse and get more acquainted with the students. Ahliah appreciates the generous support and the commitment of the three foundations. With the help of donations from supporters like these foundations Ahliah will continue to advance and proceed with its mission.
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