Ahliah Choir Performance at the AUB Zaki Nassif Festival
Mon, 06 May 2019
Posted in Preschool | Lower School | Middle & Upper School

Ahliah Choir participated at the AUB Festival for the Zaki Nassif Program for Music titled “Remembering and Discovering”, on Thursday May 2, 2019 at 6:30pm. 

For the second year-round, Ahliah Choir collaborated with the Zaki Nassif Arabic Ensemble to celebrate the best of The Beatles and ABBA songs in Arabic translation. 

Our Choir has been growing steadily for the past years. Assembling students from Grades 1 to 12, who practice on a weekly basis with our Music Teacher Ms. Rana Samaha on vocals, music theory, and developing the vocal range of the members as a group through several techniques including: breathing, articulation, posture, intonation and agility.

Our students gain an array of valuable skills such as listening, team work, empathy, confidence building, performance, discipline and taking responsibility.

For this event, members of our Choir have been training for the past few months in collaboration with the Department of English and the Centre of Arts and Humanities at AUB. The challenge when working on translated songs, Ms. Samaha explains is to be able to sing Arabic lyrics on occidental style of music. 

The concert proved very successful and allowed the audience to reminisce with the beautiful songs of ABBA and The Beatles. Ahliah Choir performed three songs; “Thank you for the Music” by ABBA with two soloists Deema Srour and Lara Khaled, “Stand By Me” by The Beatles with our soloist Layan Srour and finally “I Have a Dream” by ABBA.  

We would like to thank our Music Teacher, our multitalented student Layan Srour and first time soloists Deema Srour and Lara Khaled, and Choir members for their dedication and efforts, staff, faculty and parents for their continuous support. 

We will see you very soon with more events and performances from the Ahliah Choir this Summer!


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