Ahliah Middle School | Book Club
Wed, 24 Apr 2019
Posted in Middle & Upper School

Ahliah Middle School Book Club was launched in December, 2018, in an effort to establish a forum which connects passionate readers from grades 7 to 9, and allows them to explore different genres of books and share different perspective on readings.

Since its inception in December, our book club has been growing at a steady pace, bringing together parents and students from all middle school grade levels. Each month, our members meet up and exchange insights, ideas, and reviews on books of their choice.

Our first book of choice was George Orwell’s masterpiece, 1984. During their meetings, our students discussed the meaning of surveillance, freedom of thought, abuse of power, double thinking, and freedom of speech. They were able to delve deeply into the internal and external conflicts of the characters in the book and concluded with a reality check on the fulfillment of Orwell’s future prophecy in today’s world.

From science fiction to historical fiction, our second book was Dicken’s hit, Tale of Two Cities Members of the book club developed an insight into the historical background of the French Revolution through its effect on the characters and the plot. They discussed social stratification, the vicious circle of violence, morals and virtues, persecution, and the power of love in mending the broken and guiding the deviants. 

Our book club continues to play an important role in harnessing our students’critical thinking skills and allowing its members to swap recommendations and reviews, thus reading with more receptiveness and focus.