Ahliah Annual Culture Day | Cultures Without Borders
Tue, 23 Apr 2019
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For the third consecutive year, Ahliah celebrated Culture Day on April 12, between 1:00pm and 3:00pm. 

In a celebration of art and culture which marked the culmination of two months of research on the hidden aspects of the cultural icebergs of selected countries from around the world, students at Ahliah School, once again, were able to share their acquired knowledge with the Ahliah School community during Ahliah’s annual Culture Day.

After deciding on their countries of choice, students from Grade 1 to Grade 11, supervised by their teachers, divided themselves into groups which engaged in extensive multidisciplinary research which aimed at exploring the visible and invisible elements of the cultures chosen. They then brought their ideas to life in a multicultural celebration which bridged the distances between nations.

From the intricate stone carvings of Armenia, to the fertile landscape of Sudan, the turmoil of the French revolution, the richness of Iraq, the captivating mythology of Greece, the divine romance of Italy, and much more, our students chose how to reflect their gained insights and depicted it all through creative displays of artwork, crafts, presentations, indigenous costumes, dancing and singing performances, architectural models, and even food samples which reflected their perceptions and appreciation of the cultures presented (you can find the full list of countries represented below).

During the event, students reveled in the opportunity to be able to harness their communication skills while sharing their information with a community of students, teachers, parents, and cultural representatives from the embassies of the countries explored who visited their booths and inquired about the displays. Ahliah had the pleasure of welcoming the Ambassador of the Iraqi Embassy H.E. Ali Al Sadek Ali, from the Embassy of Italy the Cultural Attache Dr. Monica Zecca, and from the Embassy of Turkey, Mrs. Yeter Yaman Naucodie and Mr. Furkan Ozdemir.  

Culture Day allowed Ahliah students to unleash an unlimited scope of creativity in showcasing the true essence of cultural diversity. It was truly a celebration of Cultures without Borders.



Countries on Culture Day:


Grade 1: Australia 

Grade 2: Pakistan 

Grade 3: Lebanon 

Grade 4: Turkey 

Grade 5: Thailand 

Grade 6: Iraq 

Grade 7: Sudan

Grade 8: Armenia

Grade 9CFYP: Finland

Grade 10: Cyprus

Grade 10: France

Grade 11: Italy

Grade 11: Ireland


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