Ahliah School Science Fair 2019
Tue, 16 Apr 2019
Posted in Middle & Upper School

Wednesday April 3rdfrom 1:30 pm till 3:30 pm was an eventful afternoon at Ahliah. It was the time when all students from grades 7, 8, 9, and 10 Lebanese and College Preparatory Programs presented their science projects. Students were excited and trying their best in conveying the content of their research to two judges who separately evaluate each project based on evaluation rubrics with specific criteria. Students’ choices of topics varied from environmental to health, transportation, energy, universe, heredity, engineering, public services, industries, and others. Students were enthused to demonstrate the outcome of their 2-3-month unguided work and happy to celebrate their accomplishments. 

The science fair practice has been part of Ahliah science curriculum for more than three years. Students choose a topic of their interest, develop an idea or a question to investigate, do their research - whether factual and descriptive investigations or experimental and comparitive investigations, develop functional explanatory models, invent new devices that may help in solving their posed problems as well as create an attracting convincing presentation to successfully promote their ideas. Through such learning approaches, Ahliah believes that students gain non-science specific skills which they need in a variety of 21st century life experiences. Skills such as generation of ideas, project management and meeting deadlines, communication, collaboration, and managing financial limitations. 

Congratulations to all and specifically to those whose projects ranked first, second and third whether in research, model or the invention categories. The winning projects and the students’ names are as listed:


Middle School Research category

Rank 1: Yeast Fermentation, Sabah Moussa, Grade 7

Rank 2: Background Music, Lynn Masri and Zara Zakkar, Grade 7

Rank 3: Fingerprints and Genetics, Mariam Dash, Joelle Majid, and Marya Moughrabi, Grade 8

Middle School Model/Invention Category

Rank 1: Vacuum Cleaner Robot, Rena Masri, Talia Chaar, and Cynthia Korn, Grade 7

Rank 2: Dehumidifier, Samir Zahreddine, Sami Mrhi, and Adam Mohamad, Grade 8 

Upper School Research Category

Rank 1: Earworm, Mohamad Hamoud, Grade 10 CFYP

Rank 2: Light Pollution, Rein Tarraf, Lynn Ahmad, and Aya Akhras, Grade 11 CFYP

Rank 3: Gound Water Salinity in Beirut, Lara Kardaly and Hussein Yehya, Grade 10 LP

Upper School Model/Invention Category

Rank 1: Spool, Hamza Saem AlDahr and Roua Dash, Grade 10 LP

Rank 2: Fire Fighter Robot, Amr Azzam, Ali Farhat, and Louay Jizzini, Grade 10 LP


Ahliah faculty is continuously striving to create more learning opportunities that equip our students with the understandings, aptitudes, dispositions, values, and competencies needed to address the pressing challenges of our times.

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