Ahliah School | Celebrating World Maths Day
Tue, 09 Apr 2019
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Ahliah students celebrated Pi Day and World Maths Day on March 14th, 2019

Over 150 students participated in competitions and presented posters to show their understanding.

The competitions were divided into 6 categories, the below are the names of the winners. 



  1. Joelle Kteich –Grade 5
  2. Karim Shehab –Grade 5


Creativity in representing the number Pi:

  1. Sirine Awarkeh –Grade 5
  2. Karim Tajo –Grade 6
  3. Jana Annan –Grade 5


Whole class representation:

  1. Grade 3
  2. Grade 2


Best poster lower school:

  1. Lea Mashmoushi –Grade 6
  2. Yara Shehab –Grade 6
  3. Helen Alameh –Grade 5


Best poster middle school:

  1. Tiya Hashem –Grade 9CFYP
  2. Maysam Makkouk –Grade 9CFYP –Rank 2
  3. Sabina Habre –Grade 9CFYP –Rank 2
  4. Lea Baccar –Grade 7


For showing independent work and effort:

  1. Ahmad Boukhari –Grade 6
  2. Sara Al Amin –Grade 6


Reciting the digits of the number Pi:

  1. Dana Ramadan –Grade 5
  2. Celina Sleiman –Grade 5
  3. Malek Lwand –Grade 5


The online competition was organized by 3P Learning celebrating Math World Day on March 14th. Students from around the world participate in an online competition of 10 levels that includes concepts and objectives of the Math curriculum K-12.


Ahliah students also participated in an online competition, organized by 3P Learning, celebrating World Maths Day on March 14th. Students from around the world compete in 10 levels that include concepts and objectives of the Math curriculum K-12.


Among Ahliah students, Mohamad Natout of grade 3-ranked first with more than 52000 points and Karim Ghalayini of grade 9LP ranked second.

Ahliah students received 43 bronze certificates during this competition.