Ahliah School | AUB 25th Science, Math and Technology Fair Results
Tue, 09 Apr 2019
Posted in Lower School | Middle & Upper School

Ahliah School was represented by seven projects in its participation in SMEC Fair at AUB in its 25thedition on April 6th and 7th, and four projects ranked among the first three positions out of the seven presented. The participating students were eager to present their projects and demonstrate their knowledge. Several projects left a good impact during the judging process and received words of encouragements.

The results by the end of the fair were as follows:


First prize: Abstract Mathematics – Divisibility. Students: Hamza Al Haffar, Celina Sleiman, Dana Ramadan and Malek Allawand. (Grade 5)


Third prize: Research Sciences – Background Music. Students: Lynn Masri and Zara Zakkar (Grade 7)


Second prize: Abstract Mathematics – Constructing a Square in a Triangle. Students: Amani Al Abyad, Hinda Fneish, Leen Doughan and Yara Morsel. (Grade 11 Scientific)


Ahliah School participated with seven projects: two Abstract Math, two technology invention, three Science research.

The participating students: Celina Sleiman, Dana Ramadan, Hamza Al Haffar, Malak Allawand, Joanna Kolko, Mustafa Al Tannir and Abdel Hafiz Karout (Grade 5). Lynn Masri and Zara Zakkar (Grade 7). Hamza Saem Al Daher, Rouaa Al Dache, Riwa Zakkar and Rabab Makmouk (Grade 10LP). Amani Al Abyad, Leen Doughan, Yara Morsel (Grade 11Sc) and Hinda Fneish (Grade 11ES). Lynn Ahmad, Sidra Kassas and Rain Tarraf (Grade 11CFYP).

The students were accompanied by their teachers: Ms Nuhal Hout, Ms Laila Mzahem, Mrs Ola Halawi and Mrs Salam Khalil.