Serving our Community
Fri, 16 Nov 2018
Posted in Middle & Upper School

Ahliah School is dedicated to instilling in its student body, a sense of community and engagement in local, regional, and global issues. Throughout its history, the school has dedicated itself to community service of different forms and you and your children have been involved in many. 

Every year, with the objective of further exposing students to the diverse forms of community service, we request from our students, grades 10, 11, and 12, to fulfill a minimum of 25 hours of community service per year. Based on this, we will provide them with a document for keeping track of the hours they spent performing different community service activities. This document will be a positive addition to their university applications, and future resumes. 

Students are encouraged to join community service activities organized by Ahliah outside the school campus. They are also encouraged to seek places they are interested in within the social, psychosocial, educational, and environmental domains.  

This year, students will be volunteering in three different Non-Profit Organizations, “Irshad & Islah”, Children Cancer Centre, and FoodBlessed. 

Grade 10 and 11 started their first session with “Irshad & Islah Organisation”on Wednesday, November 7th, 2018. The organization has planned a full program for the year, starting with a 6-week training program which aims to give students all the information and basic skills they need within the social work, and prepare them to start working in the field. As community servers, students will have the opportunity to visit refugee camps, food shelters, soup kitchens, prisons, underprivileged families and more. 

We have also partnered with Children Cancer Centre this year, and our students from Grade 11 will be volunteering in their administrative offices, helping in data entry, organizing, filing, answering phone calls, and assisting team members in the day-to-day office duties. 

The third organization we have partnered with this year is FoodBlessed. Our Grade 10 and 11 students will be visiting their soup kitchens every Saturday, serving over 400 individuals in need. students will help in the preparation of meals and the organization of the event; students will be serving food, bussing tables, cleaning and tidying, and making sure all health and safety measures are up to standard. 

Ahliah School believes in humanitarian causes no matter who they target and therefore helps whoever is in need without questioning the background of the beneficiaries. Students are also encouraged to seek places for community service around them and to come up with their own ideas and causes.