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Tue, 08 May 2018
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Ahliah School held the Annual Culture Day on Thursday 3 May 2018, from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

The entire school came together on that day with each Grade representing a country that they have been studying and exploring for the past few months. 

From KG1 all the way to Grade 12, a total of 19 countries from all over the world were represented, which make up the number of nationalities at Ahliah by students and teachers through music, songs, dance, food, games, fashion, history and more!

Each country had a display stand where students shared their interdisciplinary projects representing issues, tradition, culture, history and different aspects all their work such as art pieces, foods, games, science projects, video presentations, songs they have learnt etc. 


Parents, friends of Ahliah, Board members and alumni, joined us to celebrate the work of our students.

Ahliah School also welcomed Ambassadors, Cultural Attaches, and Embassy Representatives from the Embassies of India, Malaysia, Japan, Denmark and Cuba, who were delighted to see all sorts of presentations and performances of their own countries displayed.


An array of dances were performed by students from Grade 4 India, Grade 1 Malaysia, Garde 8 Spain, Grade 10 Palestine, Grade 5 Peru, Grade 6 Egypt, Garde 11 France, Grade 2 Ireland, Grade 10 Medley from around the world, and Grade 3 Lebanon. 


The Annual Culture Day is a unique opportunity to share the traditions of many of our students and teachers, showcase the international diversity of Ahliah, raise awareness to gain further appreciation for all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds, break down barriers and unite people together.


Culture Day proved extremely successful, so thank you to all teachers and staff and students for all the hard work and for helping Ahliah School achieve its objectives. See you again next year!


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