Ahliah School | French Day
Thu, 01 Feb 2018
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This week, Ahliah School was celebrating French Day in the Preschool and Lower School divisions. This day has been a traditional event at Ahliah for several years where numerous activities related to the French language and culture transpire; and every year, teachers and students surprise us with wonderful and creative ideas.

Preschoolers started their celebrations on the 22nd.Throughout the week, students learned more about the French culture through photos and presentations; the French Flag, touristic landmarks/monuments, traditional foods and dishes, their football team and more. On the 24th, parents were asked to bring their children wearing “French style” clothing and accessories; our students delivered and amazed us with how they each styled their outfits and expressed themselves. Several activities were planned for the preschoolers that day and each class was rotating to make sure they go over each activity. Activities included: a drawing session where every couple of kids would draw one another, an “Eiffel Tower” decorating session, creating models with clay, making mini “Eclairs”, and finally an adorable fashion show with a catwalk.

Moving to the Lower School division, our students have been planning and rehearsing for their show for a while! The entire school received an invite to watch Grades 1-6 performing a full show in French. The show started with the French National Anthem, then was followed by a quick and generic introduction about France by Grade 5. A series of French songs and poems were performed respectively by Grade 5, Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Grade 4 exhibited their Art work and described their drawings which were inspired by the acclaimed artist Rene Magritte and his thought provoking work. Finally, Grade 5 concluded with a role play performance of a French talent show; two students presented, five acted as judges and two groups performed a dance each. All performances were then rated by the judges.  

Our principal Mrs. Ayache praised the wonderful and uplifting performances by the Lower School, in addition to the enriching and delightful activities organised by the Preschool, thanking the hard work of teachers and the efforts of our students.