Ahliah School | Independence Day 2017
Fri, 24 Nov 2017
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On the occasion of the Lebanese Independence Day, Ahliah School celebrated through numerous activities.

Each Division came up with ideas and activities to carry out before the big day; Starting the day with a poem in Arabic and an inspiring speech presented by two of our students. This was followed by a parade initiated by the Preschoolers and joined by Grade 12 students who supported them assembling the Cedar Tree together in a tremendously heartwarming way.   

During the day, in-class activities about independence were taking place in Lower School such as Play Sketches from Drama Class, designing infographics and leaflets about Lebanon in English Class, creating their own Identity Cards, drawing and painting their own flags in Art and Arabic Classes.

Middle School students enjoyed poetry recitations in Arabic about Lebanon and nationalism, and wrote poems on Flags and hung them around the school in various artistic ways. Students from Grades 7 and 8 also planned a field trip to one of Lebanon’s most Iconic and historic sites of Beiteddine and Moussa Castle where they were able to learn and experience Lebanese History.

Lastly, Upper school students took the initiative to organise and plan an entire Lebanese cultural day for the school with a Homemade Bake Sale of only Lebanese traditional foods for Breakfast and Lunch, they also hosted an extremely energetic and dynamic festivity of Lebanese music and folkloric dance for Grades 1 to 12 students, teachers and staff.

Ahliah School prides itself with its diverse community where 18 different nationalities are present at the school, and that day, the entire community left overjoyed and full of hope for their country and the world. 

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