UNESCO Twinning Project
Mon, 02 Oct 2017
Posted in Preschool | Lower School | Middle & Upper School

The Ahliah School prides itself of its core values of diversity, equality and sustainability as part of a Global matter to equip the students and future generation to take responsibility as individuals and as part of a society in this rapidly changing and increasing complex world.

As a reflection of those values and responsibilities, Ahliah School has successfully resumed its membership and participation with the UNESCO Twinning Project ever since its first launch in 2005 and has also been a member of the UNESCO ASPnet for an even longer period. The program promotes the collaboration between educational institutions around the world to work together in support of “international understanding, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and equality education in practice”.

Ahliah School has partnered with its Danish school Skolen i Bymidten (previously Helsigor Skole) this year and had the pleasure to welcome Ms. Mette Rantzau (Leader) and Ms. Charlotte Madsen (Teacher and School’s Representative at UNESCO ASPnet) to the school on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th of September as part of the UNESCO Twinning project. Principal Mrs. Rida Ayache introduced them to the school and informed them about its history, its mission and distinguished achievements. For their visit to Lower School, our guests kindly prepared a presentation about Denmark and Skolen i Bymidten and shared it with the students. Additionally, they participated in a Drama lesson from Middle School and later took part in a dynamic classroom discussion around Social Media and its current effects on students and the society.   

Ahliah School prepared the traditional “Ahliah Mujadara” lunch for the guests along with more traditional vegetarian Lebanese food such as “Falafel”, “Fattoush”, “Fatayer”, “Pumpkin Kebbe”, and thanks to the talented head caterer Ms. Alawiyah Sbeiti, everyone enjoyed the delicious dishes whilst staff had a chance to meet our Danish visitors where they shared knowledge and ideas, opened engaging discussions and made connections.

With the objective to proactively contribute to the UNESCO Global Goals, our Principal Ms. Rida Ayache along with Mr. Rabih Murr Director of Academic Affairs, Ms. Samar Khatib School’s representative at UNESCO ASPnet, Heads of Division Ms. Elissar Jalloul, Ms. Omaima Khoury, Ms. Fida Ibrahim and Ms. Suha Hachache, and Ms. Nour Nehme Communications Coordinator met with Ms. Rantzau and Ms. Madsen to discuss, prepare and plan the details of the Twinning Projects between both schools. During the productive meeting, both schools have organized joint projects for their students to collabore in actively facing and resolving global challenges. Teachers and studnts from Ahliah School and Skolen i Bymidten will be constantly coordinating and reporting to each other their progress and findings throughout the school year. The outcome was very successful and both schools left very excited. We are undoubtedly looking forward to commence the work together on each project and continuing with this invaluable program.