Ahliah School celebrates its centennial with a special graduation ceremony for the class of 2016-2017
Wed, 12 Jul 2017
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Ahliah School has organized a special commencement exercises for the high school graduates who succeeded in the scholastic year 2016-2017. The event took place in the presence of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, His Excellency Marwan Hamadeh, board of trustees and the school alumni, faculty, graduates parents, school donors, and friends.

Minister of Education and Higher Education, H.E. Marwan Hamadeh, highlighted the sense of community at Ahliah School, saying, I wasnt a student of this school, but I would have loved to be part of this patriotic edifice. The word Ahliah, among many meanings, denotes a family, and today I feel I am among a family that is much like the diverse family I come from. When I look at the educational public sector, that represents one third of all the educational system, and the private educational sector, that represents the two other thirds, I realize the value of what Ahliah School achieved in creating a diverse community that is alien to sectarianism. Finally, the minister urged the students to complete their education, saying, Youre lucky to be here. Fulfill your goals in life while maintaining the Ahliah spirit within you. Congratulations to all of you and to this remarkable school. Ahliah is my family as well.

Chair of the board of trustees Dr. Nadim Cortas spoke a few words inspired from the schools prestigious history that started in 1916 with the founding of Ahliah School by Mrs. Mary Kassab followed by Mrs. Wadad Makdessi Cortas who resumed in developing the school following the same values that it was founded on. Then, Dr. Cortas addressed His Excellency, the minister of Education, saying, My wish to you is that all educational establishments work together under the state patronage, and work hand in hand to build a uniting and creative educational platform to replace, before it is too late, the Babel tower that we built with our own hands. Dr. Cortas addressed the students by saying, Dont let any obstacle prevent you from realizing your dreams, and always work for the wellbeing of your school and your country.

Ahliah Principal Mrs. Rida Ayache also urged the graduates to embark on realizing their ambitious and daring goals and dreams, for they are properly equipped to do so by the unique school that the they are graduating from.

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