Preschool Reading and Writing Week 2017
Mon, 22 May 2017
Posted in Preschool

Year after year, and in order to enrich our students’ minds and turn them into lifelong readers, we celebrated this year again the “Reading and Writing Week” between the 15th and 19th of  May 2017.

During this week so many interesting activities took place, all for one big purpose which is to open all available horizons in front of our children so that they may freely go out there and explore.

Our little explorers enjoyed different activities, they wrote and illustrated their own stories which they later shared with younger kids at the daycare (Just Kid’in) we visited; they went on a discovery with Ms. Dina , our Librarian, and enjoyed listening to many stories, welcomed the author “Rania Zaghir” to their library and listened to her stories, and least but not last they eagerly performed Drop everything and Read movement activity...

A child’s love for reading begins much earlier than the first day of school; it begins at home, so let’s hold hands together to help our children become avid and enthusiastic readers…